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Migrating to E-Learning January 19, 2009

Posted by Noelle Archambeau in Best Practices, e-SIG Presentations, Intructional Design, Project Management.
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Thanks to Dave Goodman, CEO of SoftAssist, for a wonderful presentation at our last ASTD Greater Philadelphia Chapter meeting. Luckily Dave was able to think quickly on his feet because there was a power outage at the Hilton, which meant no lights, no computer, and no projector. Illuminated by candlelight, Dave led a lively discussion about creating your first e-learning project. Here are the slides Dave planned to use.

Click here to download a pdf of the slides (1.8 MB)


1/18/07 Meeting – How Much & How Long Part II January 23, 2007

Posted by nathanteckel in e-SIG Presentations, Intructional Design, Project Management.
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This is Part II of my notes from Dave Goodman’s presentation. Click here to view Part I.

Criteria for eLearning Costs

  • Length of Learning Time
  • Volume of Courses
  • Content Readiness – CRITICAL! – Source documentation is not the same as instructional content – Factor in instruction design – THIS TAKES TIME!
  • SME & Reviewer availability – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Amount & Level of Revisions
  • Schedule
  • Use of Media
  • Complexity of Content
  • Complexity of Course – Brain surgery vs. Sales 101 (more…)

Surprise! How to Help Your Clients Visualize the Course When it’s Just Words January 4, 2007

Posted by Ben Craigo in Intructional Design, Lessons Learned, Project Management.

In the pre-production phase of an e-Learning project there are a lot of ideas thrown around, design sessions and documents created.  You’re on the same page as your client.  You’re on the same page as your development team.  Everyone is energized.  Things are great.

Then you go away with a storyboard in hand and the development team starts developing.   After a while, you have a version of the course that’s ready for review.  You put it in front of the stakeholders and…they’re less than thrilled. 

What happened? (more…)