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1/18/07 Meeting – How Much & How Long Part II January 23, 2007

Posted by nathanteckel in e-SIG Presentations, Intructional Design, Project Management.

This is Part II of my notes from Dave Goodman’s presentation. Click here to view Part I.

Criteria for eLearning Costs

  • Length of Learning Time
  • Volume of Courses
  • Content Readiness – CRITICAL! – Source documentation is not the same as instructional content – Factor in instruction design – THIS TAKES TIME!
  • SME & Reviewer availability – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Amount & Level of Revisions
  • Schedule
  • Use of Media
  • Complexity of Content
  • Complexity of Course – Brain surgery vs. Sales 101

Cost Estimates for a 1 Hour eLearning Course

  • PowerPoint Conversions = $2-3K
  • Templates = $5-7K
  • Levels 1-3 = $15-25K

* Factor in regional cost of living variables (higher in NE, West)

Percent of Project Time per Stage

  • Analysis & Prototype = 35% of project time
  • Development & Edits = 50% of project time
  • Review & Approval = 15% of project time

Special Considerations for International Projects

  • Translation growth – text in most foreign languages takes up more screen space than English.
  • Check screen layout preferences – left/right versus right/left.
  • Avoid creating multiple versions of a course – solution is to insert additional individual language-specific pages.
  • Determine the languages and countries at the start of analysis.
  • Be sensitive to colors and pictures for cultural meanings – some colors or images may imply bad luck, shame, blame, etc.
  • Be aware of what you DON’T know & research before you offer a quote.
  • Have translations side by side in a table for easy comparison.
  • Don’t put bullets in documents you send to the translation company – add the bullets after the text is translated.

Houghton Interactive Example

  • SoftAssist made the company’s head trainer an online “guide” for the course. His face is animated and he teaches the content. Click here to see some example screen shots.
  • The assessments are fun and non-threatening because they are seamlessly embedded in the course.
  • The evaluation report at completion shows user results and any improvements.


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