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e-Learning SIG 2008 Topic Survey February 25, 2008

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Please let us know which topics you are interested in so that we may better serve your needs. Thank you for your support. There are several pages to the survey. Make sure you fill out all of them. We also welcome any additional programming suggestions.

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FYI If you are interested in learning about LMSs February 25, 2008

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382 Tips on Selecting and LMS: Here is an interesting paper I have had for some time. If you are in process of choosing and LMS for the first time or again…I think it will be helpful for you.

02/21/08 – Anonymity in Cyber Education: Should You be Concerned? February 25, 2008

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This presentation explored the pros and cons of anonymity in cyber education.  It evaluated both sides of the issue and presents them in a way that will help cyber educators and instructional designers understand the social, cultural and educational implications of anonymity.  The PATRIOT Act and other initiatives impacting anonymity were discussed, including the far-reaching effects of anonymity within online educational settings and group dynamics.  It also further compared and contrasted anonymity’s potential for limiting and monitoring academic freedom to the social benefits it brings, while discussing the social identity model of deindividuation. Click Anonymity to download the slides. Click Anoniymity the paper to download the original paper.