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Joe’s Guide to Free Elearning Tools: Two Quick Tips on using Audacity December 9, 2009

Posted by jmullock in e-Learning Tools.
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Item: Two Quick Tips on Using Audacity

Category: Audio Recording, Editing & Resources

At a recent eLearning conference, I spoke to a colleague who said that his office had purchased an audio recording/editing software package.  I asked how he liked it, but it turns out he never opened the package and was still happily using Audacity.  While I am sure there are projects and applications that may need more advanced features, there is not a lot I can think of that can’t be done with Audacity.  The only minor drawback may be that some of the features in Audacity may require additional plug-ins or technical knowhow to do some of the tricks that paid software may handle “out of the box”.  If you are not already familiar with the product, take a look at the brief overview (I wrote some months back—not to mention the tons of information available online).

If you are already familiar with audacity, but haven’t yet “looked under the hood”, here are two quick tips to show you

  1. How to set up Audacity for use with MP3 files, and
  2. How to make use of the Noise Removal effect