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A Case for a New Approach to Corporate Training October 8, 2013

Posted by stephanieF in Misc.

Recently, Glenn Eckard, COO from Rapid Learning Institute joined our evening session for an engaging discussion on, “A case for a new approach to corporate training” that highlighted a flipped model for classroom training in a corporate setting. Given current statistics on challenges facing today’s corporate learning programs (spend ratio and effects from loss of productivity) and the changing workforce, Glenn made a case for the need to have effective training methods that result in engaged employees and subsequently increased productivity with cost savings. He also highlighted that with the approaching decline in Baby Boomer workers the need for an innovative approach for effectively developing intermediate to expert skills in the current and emerging workforce, i.e. Millenial generation, is vital. Quick fact: by 2016, Millenials will be the majority of current workers.

One of the keys to addressing the needs of the Millenial workforce is to build stronger employee-manager relationships to help keep the employees engaged. Company loyalty is no longer a given with the emerging workforce. While trainers provide the impetus for skill development, managers have the opportunity to foster retention by addressing the “forgetting curve” and providing segments or smaller portions of focused on-the-job learning through effective follow-up. Glen shares the Four R’s of Effective Follow-Up in the presentation attached below.

The key to effective follow-up, however, is solid program planning balanced with targeted pre and in-class activities. These “chunks” or learning intervals are purposeful and based on the premise that participants really do want to learn, but they are short on time and attention! Please be sure to download the PDF file to read more on the model advocated by Glenn’s company, Rapid Learning Institute. For additional information, please visit their site at, www.RapidLearningInstitute.com

Glenn’s presentation: New_Approach_Corp_Lrg_G_Eckard_RLI_ASTDPHLeSIG_19SEP13


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