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FreeWare, ShareWare, and Pretty Darn Reasonable Ware: Low and No Cost Alternatives to Commercial eLearning and Productivity Software May 28, 2012

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Have you ever felt limited by your software tools – or by the price tag for new software and even upgrades?   Has your software budget been cut, or are you an independent consultant trying to minimize expenses?  No matter your situation, there are a wide variety of free and low cost software tools available that are immune to the phrase, “in this economy”! 
This session will highlight some of the software tools currently available for the asking.  Whether you are building eLearning modules, or simply need help with scheduling and managing your workload, there may be a free software solution that helps you meet your needs.
In this session, we’ll:

* Recap some of the resources available for tried and true freeware (e.g. Audacity, Open Office, etc.)
* Learn a few tips and tricks for some freeware that you may already be familiar with, and (most importantly)…
* Get the low-down on some new (or new to you) free tools that you can begin using right away
* Discuss some things you needs to know to keep on the up-and-up, including a (brief!) discussion of copyright and computer security

Note:  Have a “secret” tip on freeware that you’d like included in the discussion?  Feel free to send it to jmullock@upenn.edu.  He’ll be happy to add your tips to the presentation and will be sure to give credit where credit is due!
Joe Mullock was a career changer who got into the training field in 2001 and more specifically into eLearning around 2003.  His prior experience includes general Business Administration, Project Management, and Higher Education Administration.   He currently serves on the Board of ASTDPHL, and works for the Division of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, developing and delivering both instructor-Led and web-based training programs.  Having learned that the old adage, ’make do or do without’ is definitely true in the workplace today, he is often called upon to come up with work-arounds and freeware alternatives to commercial software products.