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Creativity Meets Technology Case Study Presentation May 29, 2013

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Join us on Thursday, June 20, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the LaSalle University – MetroPlex Corporate Center for an exciting case study presentation on an open source content management system as a smart engine behind an interactie blended learning solution at Comcast University.

The first time Comcast University ran pilots of the New Hire Experience, an interactive blended learning program, learners literally tried to sneak in from legacy classes. This blended learning program seamlessly presents learners with a visual roadmap of wide variety of activities throughout the new hire experience (eLearnings, “gamified” quick challenges, videos, simulations, documents, links, etc.).

Behind this effective program is a database driven smart engine. The engine handles hundreds of activities in thousands of classes (with customized content for certain groups), and does it on the fly! That means the content the learner sees is tailored to their exact needs. That’s Joomla!, an award winning open source CMS tool.

Come and experience how Comcast University has harnessed this powerful open source technology using a creative approach to resolve challenges like:

  • Allow non-technical people to create, edit and maintain content (without messing with XML).
  • Provide a template that is consistent through all classes but allow the flexibility to customize the content.
  • Reduce speed to market for minor changes (from days to minutes).
  • Be flexible to turn on and off activities or change their order.
  • Display information only relevant to users (based on groups, markets, role or class).
  • Find a quality solution that is scalable, cost effective and user-friendly.


This presentation focuses on how the open source engine addresses all these expectations. While we will touch on the content itself, our main focus will be how creativity meets technology using Joomla!.

About the Speaker
Zsolt is a Program Manager at the Comcast University Wireless Operations team, where he oversees the curriculum design, development and delivery for the Comcast – Verizon Wireless learning initiatives across several States.

Zsolt has an extensive project and program management background, as well as more than a decade of learning and development experience. Zsolt’s passion to combine creativity and technology goes back to his thesis, which was to build an artificial neuron-network in C++ capable of learning how to add two numbers together. Since then, Zsolt has worked in the instructional design and eLearning development field with companies like Pepsi, Nokia, Siemens, IBM, Oracle, and for the last five years, Comcast. Zsolt is well-versed in most of the top eLearning applications and has working knowledge of several programming languages. Zsolt has also designed and taught an information design and delivery university curriculum for the University of Debrecen in his native country, Hungary.

To sign up for this event, click here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e78suylb744347e7


Taking Your Training to Tahiti (or Tel Aviv) by Frank Felsburg May 6, 2013

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Frank Felsburg will be presenting “Taking Your Training to Tahiti (or Tel Aviv) on Thursday evening, May 16th, starting at 6:00 PM at the LaSalle University Metroplex Center in Plymouth Meeting.

Felsburg’s presentation addresses such issues as cross-cultural differences, global human resource development and language barriers. Using a collaborative approach and experiential learning, ways to overcome these challenges are realized.

Felsburg’s presentation will help attendees:

  •          Build more effective training from a global perspective
  •          Recognize content that needs to be localized before it is translated
  •          Define ways to save money on translation

Following the session, attendees will think more internationally, especially from a performance improvement standpoint. They will be able to utilize the information presented immediately afterwards.

Frank Felsburg is an account executive with Magnum Group. He works with organizations that want to communicate globally and optimize their international presence. A large percentage of his clients are in the Training & Development sector. Magnum translates and localizes their training content for non-English speaking learners.

Felsburg has worked with organizations to help them produce foreign-language versions of online training modules as well as presentations and workbooks for instructor-led training. He’s Past President of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ASTD and now serves on ASTD National’s Chapter Recognition Committee.

Felsburg has delivered stand-up training in the areas of customer service, sales and communication skills and has also worked for a custom eLearning development company. A graduate of Villanova University, he is the author of numerous articles and a book on listening.

For more information or to sign up for the event, click here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e78srqu313da0ac5