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The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Greater Philadelphia Chapter E-Learning Special Interest Group blog is a forum for exploration, sharing, and collaboration for those interested in e-learning and how technology is changing the way we learn today.

Our group also meets in the Philadelphia area on the third Thursday of the month and has Industry Leaders and Training Managers showcase successful e-learning implementations.

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1. Tony Karrer, Ph.D. - January 11, 2007

cool that you have a blog for the group. Is more than one person blogging? Any thoughts on whether this is a good idea?

2. Ben Craigo - January 12, 2007

Tony – there are more bloggers and we are recruiting more from the group. The goal is to have several contributors that reflect different perspectives of e-Learning. It takes a little bit to get rhythm and critical mass with blogging.

And this blog is a GREAT idea. In no particular order, our goals in starting this were to:

1 – Cover more topics than we could possibly cover in 6 – 12 annual meetings a year.

2 – Item #1 allows us to respond to the specific interests of our group. As a member of our e-SIG (and this is true in most technology user groups), it’s quite likely that a topic you might be interested in, that talks directly to the work you are doing or where you are going, simply won’t be addressed over the course of the year. Or it may be addressed too late.

3 – Get more members involved with the e-SIG.

4 – Increase the stickiness of the e-SIG by allowing people to maintain and add connections in between meetings.

5 – Continue the dialogue in between meetings.

6 – Help steer better presentations to our physical meetings. Comments, voting and stats provide excellent guidance into what topics are in demand.

7 – We’re an e-SIG so we should be using e-Learning! This blog is an informal e-Learning tool.

8 – Expose our members to blogging as a method of e-Learning and allow them to judge for themselves where it fits into their toolkit.

9 – Hopefully gain perspectives from professionals outside of our group that we wouldn’t normally here.

…and there are probably a couple more I can’t think of right off the bat.

3. Claire Lewin - March 20, 2013

Hi From Australia. I also am interested in this area. I am currently rewriting my subject (Management Foundation, 1st year university level) in a blended learning model with vodcasts and online activities such as blogs which interact with the face to face seminars. Huge job but rewarding (I hope). Love to hear what others are doing, what works, whats scary. Its a brave new world and I think we are only on the edges. Claire

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