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2/15/07 – Captivate vs. Camtasia February 26, 2007

Posted by Ben Craigo in e-Learning Tools, e-SIG Presentations, Intructional Design, Lessons Learned.

At the meeting on February 15 we had three excellent speakers that delivered three great presentations covering Adobe’s Captivate and TechSmith’s Camtasia.  Here’s a summary of each…. (more…)


2/15/07 Meeting is a Go February 15, 2007

Posted by Noelle Archambeau in Announcements.
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The sun is out and the ice is melting, so tonight’s meeting is a go. (more…)

Are We Teaching the Machine? February 12, 2007

Posted by Ben Craigo in Informal Learning, Trends.
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This video (about 4 minutes worth) shows how far we’ve come in using and leveraging the web.  Particularly from earlier brute force methods of publishing information to where we are now educating the matrix to communicate better with us.

Stumbled on this video over at Maish Nichani’s elearning post.

Celebrity Deaths and Online Social Networking February 9, 2007

Posted by Noelle Archambeau in Informal Learning.
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What can the death of Anna Nicole Smith tell us about online social networking and collaboration? I found the following headline intriguing, so I read the story: “Anna Nicole Smith’s death sends Wikipedia into overdrive”.

In the story, this is what I found to be most impressive:

“In the space of two hours, more than 300 edits were made to Smith’s entry. As the news became more widespread, multiple edits were being made per minute.”