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ASTD PHL June eLearning SIG: Synopsis July 5, 2013

Posted by karlgrieb in Misc.

Used for building websites Zsolt Olah explained how he used Joomla for building online learning for Comcats’s Customer Service New Hire program. Joolma is an open-source web content management system, http://www.joomla.org. Many well-known companies use this platform for building their websites.

Zsolt walked through a demo of his web page, which sits behind his company’s firewall. In “Comcastville” (fashioned to look like a 3D CGI neighborhood), participants (sales reps) learn to overcome scenario-based challenges via “back propagation.” They aren’t told all the rules, but with repeat attempts, they learn by figuring different ways to succeed in the game. As a reward, participants earn customers (points) as they successfully perform various levels of exercises.

Some of the key elements to ensure this type of a self-paced activity is a valuable learning experience include visual appeal, hands-on interactions, easy maintenance, and alignment with the learner’s job performance requirements.

From a technical perspective, graphics development is needed upfront along with programming to build the structure of the web page. One main benefit is that the web page is easily maintained once it is built. For example, because content doesn’t reside in the web page, but is assembled when called upon by the participant, updates can be made by changing the question and answers. As an independent web page, any feed to an LMS can be built in (i.e. *.api). Many custom extensions are available on Joomla’s website (over 9,000).

You can download his presentation by clicking here: zsoltolah_joomla



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