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Leaving ADDIE for SAM Presenter: Dr. Richard H. Sites, VP Client Services, Allen Interactions February 28, 2013

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ADDIE was a terrific process for instructor-led training. However, now that there are so many training solutions – e-learnings, mobile learning, blended learning – just to name a few, it is more important to create a process based on the solution. Dr. Richard Sites, vice president of client services for Allen Interactions provided great dialogue on this topic, as he presented on the Successive Approximation Model that Allen Interactions developed. The benefits of the model are that it is more efficient, it has effective processes, and superior learning experiences in less time.

Sites discussed the four myths of a “perfect” training:

·        Skillful execution of a process guarantees a quality product

·        Accurate information is the key to an effective learning experience.

·        The environment in which we work does not affect the design of the learning experience we create.

·        Because you went to school, you know what makes a good learning experience.

The important thing is that you cannot uncouple the product from the process – instead, the focus should be on the design principles – making the training meaningful, memorable, and motivational.  To go further, the learning should provide context, a challenge, an activity, and most importantly, meaningful feedback (not just “correct” or “incorrect.”).  

To do this, the SAM method focuses on an iterative instructional design process, and the importance of tightly linking the process with the product (or learning solution). Dr. Sites went into detail about the method, and the high-level steps, in his presentation.  You can see the presentation by clicking the link below:




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