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Mobile Learning is SO 10 Minutes Ago; Mobile Performance is Now! with Rich Mesch; January 17 January 30, 2013

Posted by karlgrieb in Misc.

Rich Mesch presented on an interesting and timely topic this past e-learning SIG meeting – Mobile Performance. He went into the background of “mobile learning” and its short comings and drew a convincing comparisons with the mobile learning and the introduction of movies in the early 1900’s. People tend to relate what they know to a new technology initially, not pushing the boundaries in what the new technology can do. For instance, when movie cameras were first invented and used, directors never moved the cameras from one spot, mainly because cameras recorded plays, and this is what people knew. Not until the movie “The Great Train Robbery,” in 1903, did this change. The director realized that the camera didn’t have to be stationary, and once he moved the camera around during scenes, or showing different angles of the same scene, the film became an instant classic and set trends for future movies. Mobile learning is taking a similar path. The original thinking behind mobile learning was to just take current e-learnings and make them viewable on smart-phones and tablets. But, most people do not use our new mobile technology to learn like this. Dr. Mesch showed that the truly successful way to use mobile technology as learning is to have these devices serve mobile performance support. In other words, provide knowledge or information in small chunks, and in a “just-in-time” format that learners can use as support on-the-job. Dr. Mesch points out that people use mobile devices in short intense bursts; in down-time, such as between appointments; to retrieve information that may not be at their fingertips; and to get information that may be so current or time-sensitive, there’s no other way to get it other than right now. You can click the attachment to view the presentation.



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