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Marc Rosenberg “Building E-Learning That People Will (Really) Want To Use Meeting recap (November 15, 2012) November 18, 2012

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So, how do you build or buy e-learning programs that people will want to use? How do you create real value in your e-learning offerings? How do you create transfer from e-learning to actual job performance? Attendees at Philadelphia’s E-learning ASTD SIG’s November’s monthly meeting were treated to a wonderful presentation by Marc Rosenberg, renowned educator and influencer in the fields of training, organizational learning, e-learning, knowledge management, and performance improvement. Rosenberg spoke about characteristics of good e-learnings, and areas on which to focus when moving forward, and engaged the audience to honestly fill out a checklist and assessment tool that grades a company on 13 important areas or characteristics that are important in developing a successful e-learning.

Rosenberg covered important areas such as finding the sweet spot in the learning culture, value, and instructional design and technology, as well as focusing on the actual client and the results the results the client is looking for. Marc also discussed the importance of going beyond objectives in designing training, and the importance of ensuring that reflection and integration is included into daily thoughts and work/life habits.
Rosenberg concluded by discussing the importance that social learning and the need for instructional designers to embrace this moving forward.


Handout – Building E-Learning that People will Really Want to Use – Rosenberg 1012



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