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From Gamification to Storytelling With JC Kinnamon, Ph.D. November 11, 2012

Posted by karlgrieb in Misc.

Building on Karl Kapp’s recent presentation on gamification of learning, JC Kinnamon provided practical tips on infusing a narrative or story into an e-learning experience at October’s ASTD E-learning SIG meeting. Kinnamon introduced the idea of “Storytorials,” which are 45-minute e-learning experiences that use narrative structure to pull learners through dull content, illustrate key principles and improve retention of learned subject matter.

Dr. Kinnamon, provided a fun and creative interactive session, including having participants create their own compelling storytorial treatments on a dry topic by following a prescribed framework and process.

Kinnamon is a senior learning expert with a 20-year track record of designing and implementing successful e-learning applications for corporate customers. Over the last decade JC has specialized in the creative application of empirically based principles of instructional design and human learning theory in the area of Compliance and Ethics (C&E) training. During this time, JC oversaw the creation of hundreds of C&E titles, ranging from two-hour employment law courses to five-minute ethical awareness pieces.


Click the attachment to download Dr. Kinnamon’s presentation.



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