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Why 80% of training doesn’t stick, and what you can do about it. March 1, 2011

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Investment in training is terrific – as long as there’s enough value and impact. Unfortunately, no matter how great the trainer, or how great the content, or how smart or hardworking the trainee, MOST TRAINING DOESN’T STICK!

Glenn Eckard

Glenn Eckard

 In our February online session, Glenn Eckard presented informative and eye-opening statistics regarding training and it’s value to your organization and employees.  He also introduced  one organization’s answer to MAKING IT STICK! 

 Click here to view the presentation.

This is a link to the slides:  Eckard 1-24-2011.pdf

About our speaker:

Glenn Eckard is the Executive Vice President and COO of Rapid Learning Institute in Springfield, PA. He was former Sales Director at RapidForms, a division of New England Business Service. Prior to NEBS, Eckard spent seven years with Progressive Business Publications before which he was a branch manager at DialAmerica Marketing Inc. Mr. Eckard is a start-up expert who, in addition to being co-founder of the Rapid Learning Institute, has personally launched dozens of sales offices, and hired and trained thousands of sales and sales management leaders throughout his career.



1. liyas - March 12, 2011

Spec of work change to frequent, maybe..

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