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Joe’s Guide to Free eLearning Tools: My StuDIYo June 9, 2009

Posted by jmullock in e-Learning Tools.

Item: My StuDIYo (beta), Web-based Interactive Quizzes

Category: Polling/Survey Tools

My StuDIYo (beta), is a web-based quiz creation tool that provides a free “channel” (home page) for your quizzes and allows you to embed created quizzes into your own home page.  The revenue model for the company is (at least in part) ad-based.  The free version does not allow any control over ad delivery and placement, but the ads themselves appear to be appropriate to the quiz content.   A quiz sponsored by a DIY-type magazine delivered advertisements for motor oil and the magazine itself.  As with most free eLearning tools, there  are for-fee “premium” options that allow additional customizations, control over ad placement, and varying degrees of advertising revenue-sharing.

What it Does:

A wizard guides you through the quiz creation process:  Select a design template, choose a name and category, add quiz questions, and edit a results page.  The output will appear on the My StuDIYo site and can also be embedded into a site of your own choosing.

While My StuDIYo is limited to multiple-choice quizzes, it provides a surprising number of options for a free tool.  Even the free version allows you to upload your company logo into the template, and the wizard provides a means of adding an intro or instruction page before the actual quiz.  Individual quiz questions can be embedded with audio, video, and HTML, in addition to plain text.  Questions can be delivered in sequence or in a randomized order.  In addition, feedback and time limits can be created at the question level.

My StuDIYo provides a default “scoreboard” results page which shows users their overall rank, but a format is also provided to allow the quiz creator to specify different results pages depending on the user’s score.  These results pages can also be embedded with multimedia, and can (optionally) direct the user to submit text or email to the quiz creator.

A nice behind-the-scenes feature is the availability of performance reports.  For any quiz you have created, you can see how how many people have started the quiz, completed an action, or have gotten a specific answer correct.  Score tracking for individuals is limited to those who register with a My StuDIYo account.

When to Use:

My StuDIYo doesn’t have many immediately apparent drawbacks.  If the ad-supported model doesn’t work for your situation, this isn’t the solution for you, but their demo quizzes provide ample opportunity to preview what your end-user might see.  To the best of my knowledge there is no way to make a quiz completely private, but if you are working with highly-confidential information, a publicly-hosted web quiz probably isn’t on your radar anyway.

On the other hand, if your needs lean more towards marketing or a general awareness campaign, My StuDIYo seems to do a nice job of handling the technical details so that you can concentrate on creating and publishing content.

How to get it:

As My StuDIYo is web-based it can be used on multiple platforms with nothing to download.  Site registration is required to create and save quizzes, but no significant personal information is required.  The site address is: http://www.mystudiyo.com/.

Next Up: It’s the end of the school year, so my (much) better half has next week off before starting her summer program.  I’ll be taking a vacation from the day job, this blog, and most other forms of electronic connectedness as well, but will be back the week following.  Cheers!



1. Nathan - June 9, 2009

Looking forward to using this Joe. An alternative to SurveyMonkey at last!

2. Noa - June 11, 2009

One of the premium options turns off all the quiz displays except my own so it does let me go totally private.

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