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4/17/08 – Mentoring SMEs April 18, 2008

Posted by Noelle Archambeau in e-SIG Presentations, Intructional Design.

Last night Nathan Eckel, Owner of Intelligent Design Concepts, and Jeff Ronald, Founder/Director of Pinnacle Health Solutions, discussed how they were able to successfully collaborate to create an e-learning course on tobacco cessation. Nathan (ID expert) taught Jeff (SME) the basics of the ADDIE model, how to write learning objectives, and how to keep learners engaged. By empowering Jeff with these basic instructional design skills, he and Nathan were able to develop the course in less time, with less rework, and with less headaches than if they had not formed this partnership. Nathan has coined this ID/SME partnership “Open Source ID”.

Click here to download the slides that Nathan and Jeff used during their presentation.

Click here to download a job aide that Nathan created for Jeff on the basics of instructional design.



1. Cynthia Huber, VP Finance, ASTD-GPC - April 30, 2008

I had not been to an eLearning SIG meeting in a while and was SO GLAD that I was able to attend this event. It was superb. The meeting itself was very professional, timed perfectly and each element made smooth transition into the next. Noelle and Bobbie have it down pat. Nathan’s presentation was very informative and easy to follow and understand. It appeared as if quite a bit of time and energy was given to the presentation as it was well thought out and packaged nicely. It is clearly a sign of a professional. Kudos and thanks for a nice event!

2. nathanteckel - May 13, 2008

Thanks Cindy! If anyone missed the talk, it is available on a podcast HERE until the end of May.

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