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Your e-Learning Toolkit December 11, 2006

Posted by Ben Craigo in e-Learning Tools.

There are a ton of tools out there for creating e-Learning courses and the assets that make those courses up.  A UK based organization, the e-Learning Centre, has one of the most comprehensive listings of e-Learning products and services that I have seen.  Scanning their listings quickly becomes overwhelming as there are hundreds of products and services out there for e-Learning. 

What makes it more challenging is that the e-Learning landscape continues to shift.  There are new entrants, mergers, aquisitions and liquidations happening all the time.  So how do you choose which tools are best?

In my environment, the courses that my company produces are virtually all developed in Flash.  It allows for extremely sophisticated and polished e-Learning content.  Plus, since we are content providers, it allows us to leverage a platform that is ubiquitous – web and Flash pluggins.

However, Flash is not for everyone and very few do it well.  The reason is because if you are making more than a banner ad it requires quit a bit of expert knowledge to really take advantage of it.  I would say that you need to have resources who have expertise in graphic design, audio/video production/editing, programming and interface design.  That all adds up.

Since we are content providers, we can absorb much of the cost for all these resources over time.  For many practitioners, however, this is overkill with all the other options available.

There are other tools which produce great e-Learning courses as well.  Many have a way to convert the course into Flash afterwards without the need to understand all the details.  So my question is what is in your e-Learning toolkit?  With all this information how do you decide on what’s the best tool for your situation?  What are your factors for deciding?



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