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January Meeting Topics – Vote Now! December 6, 2006

Posted by Noelle Archambeau in Announcements, e-SIG Presentations.

Dave Goodman, President of SoftAssist, a custom e-learning design and development firm that’s won the Brandon Hall Award for Custom Content for the last 4 years running, will be our featured speaker in January. Dave has offered to speak on the following 3 topics and what better way to decide than to have our members vote. Please vote for your favorite topic by December 15, 2006. Dave will present the topic that gets the most votes at our next meeting on January 18, 2007.

  1. How to Select an LMS without getting burnt
  2. Understanding the 5 Levels of eLearning Course Design
  3. Measuring an eLearning Project: Time, Cost and Results


1. Ben Craigo - December 6, 2006

All good topics. If I had to choose only one, I would pick topic #2 – Understanding the 5 Levels… Haven’t had a chance to hear Dave speak, but know those who have. Word on the street has it that he gives some fantastic presentations.

2. Kristen Johnson - December 6, 2006

I haven’t had a chance to hear Dave either, but I’d be interested in #2 or #3 – both are of extreme interest to a sole provider for a group of 300+ staff members.

3. Jane Kelly-Cummings - December 6, 2006

I would also like to hear about either #2 or #3. Both topics or of interest to me.

4. Roshi Pelaseyed - December 7, 2006

Definitely #2!

5. Cynthia Huber, CTM - December 8, 2006

My first impulse was #2….looks like I am “running with the crowd”.

6. Nathan Eckel - December 8, 2006

I’d vote for #3, Measuring Time, Cost, Results of a project. My second choice is #2.

7. Ina Lentz - December 8, 2006

My first impulse is #3. My company has just gotten corporate approval to role out an eLearning initiative with the caveat that this needs to become income-producing within a short time period.

My second place would be #2.

8. Dave Goodman - December 8, 2006

It looks like the better approach is for me to incorporate #2 and #3 into one presentation.

9. bobbegb - December 8, 2006

Why is that…there is a TON of material on each area? That is far to broad a topic spectrum for one meeting? No?

10. Bobbe Baggio - December 10, 2006

I vote or any of the above. Actually I relly like 3. I would also like to remind people that we are still looking for a regular place to have our monthly meetings so if you have any suggestions email or call me or Noelle and let us in on it! 🙂

11. Marguerite Fallon - December 11, 2006

It seems I’m with the others. #2 and #3. I have a pretty good idea on how to design a course, but would like more info. And it can be hard to determine how long it will take to develop a course. I would like to hear these presented in an open forum to ask questions and comments from others.

12. Noelle Archambeau - December 17, 2006

Thanks to everyone for voting! Voting is now officially closed. Since 2 & 3 were neck and neck, Dave has offered to cover both in his presentation on Jan. 18th. Please see the “meetings” tab for details about the upcoming meeting and to RSVP.

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