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Designing Interactions December 1, 2006

Posted by Ben Craigo in Intructional Design.

What do you get when you combine 40 of the most influential people who have shaped how we interact with technology with the founder of IDEO and award winning designer Bill Moggridge?  How about an amazing book that provides the thinking behind arguably the most innovative designs of our digital times.  And it gets better.

It’s online!  The book is called Designing Interactions and it is both a book and DVD.  There are chapters available on the web site as well as video interviews of all those important folks that were talked to for the book.  Now it doesn’t look like the whole thing is online at once.  It trickles out a chapter a week so you’ll need to keep going back to it.  The chapter this week is on The Internet with such heavyweight interviews as the dynamic duo from Google fame.

I’m completely convinced that everyone should think like a designer.  In addition to looking within our industry or niche we should also be looking outside it.   If you are looking for more design inspiration on whose shaping our lives today take a look at the October issue of Fast Company.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?  What drives your designs?



1. Bobbe Baggio - December 10, 2006

Go Ben…this is looking very interesting. One of my favorite areas of interest. I have had the privledge of having Rod Sims from Austrail as a profesor and he has made his mark on th e industry with interactions and proactive assessment. I also have a very close colleague that is doing her disertation on Interactions and Florida Virtual School kids…K-12…Does age make a differnce? ANyway I can’t wait to readit…and pass it along to friends….thanks

2. Ben Craigo - December 11, 2006

Glad you liked it Bobbe. It’s a great pass-along link for those creative types.

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