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11/16/06 Meeting – e-Learning Trends November 27, 2006

Posted by Ben Craigo in e-SIG Presentations, Trends.

I’m always looking at what’s going on around me to see if I can pick out patterns and see if trends are forming and how strong they are.  If they shape the work I do then they’re pretty strong.  Since my own microcosm of reality only lets me see what’s right in front of me I also look to other leaders in the e-Learning industry for a more holistic view of trends that are affecting this industry.  To that end there is no better forum than Elliott Masie’s Learning 200x forum (this year it was Learning 2006 of course).

After making the pilgrimage to Orlando I presented to the e-SIG group what I’ve been hearing from our clients, prospects, peers and thought leaders.  The presentation rests mostly on the shoulders of some of the extremely bright women and men that I’ve met and listened to at the Learning 2006 conference (like Elliot Masie himself).  I also added my perspective on most of the points and added one or two. 

 These were the key trends that I spoke about:

  • Content Democratization
  • Micro Learning
  • Advances in Tools
  • Gaming and Simulation
  • Evolution of Corporate Training Departments
  • Increase in Content Providers
  • Ability to Find Courses Crucial
  • Commoditization of LMS/LCMS
  • Self-Aware Courses
  • Social Networks Rule

While I won’t recreate the entire presentation here, suffice to say that e-Learning courses will explode in numbers, become shorter and contextual and more will be created outside of those who traditionally created the content.  Tools are making it easier to create increasingly complex and engaging courses and LCMS’ will become more advanced and cheaper.

The trends in e-Learning are to help with informal training that makes up much of the way we learn day-to-day.

There are several good resources that were generated in real time, and on an ongoing basis, at the Learning 2006 Wiki.  Much of the content is in the raw, there’s a lot of it and not all topics will have enough content to satisfy most of you.  However it does provide a great platform to get a feel for how many of these tools can be applied and what needs to happen to really leverage them for learning.



1. Cynthia Huber, CTM - December 8, 2006

The night of the meeting was an intensly stormy “wild weather” night. The trip to KoP was bumper to bumper and the other drivers were less than polite I am not an eLearning Trainer.

However, I am glad that I attended this meeting as I enjoyed hearing your presentation Ben. You shared the infomation in a way that was easy to follow and didn’t make me feel out of place. I enjoyed the discussons of the other attendees and came away with some new and interesting information. As a trainer I know that it is important to be open to ALL avenues as we all have the same goal….educate the masses.

2. Ben Craigo - December 14, 2006

Thank you Cynthia. I appreciate the feedback.

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